• Withdrawal options

    Bank Transfer

    Transaction time: 1-3 days

    Service fee: None

    Minimum amount: €10

    Credit Card (VISA)

    Transaction time: Up to 5 banking days

    Service fee: None

    Minimum amount: €30

    Our payment routines for international payments are aligned with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), which is an initiative to standardise Euro transactions across 34 markets in Europe. By making bank transfer payments work to a common set of rules, the Single European Payments Area aims to make payments within the EU easier and more efficient.

    When making a withdrawal in Euro (or in a currency which is not a local currency for the destination country), you will need to provide specific bank account information for Euro transfers within SEPA: SWIFT/BIC code of your bank and your personal IBAN (International Bank Account Number). This information can usually be found on your bank statement or on simple request with your bank, which can provide you with that information.

    Please note that some payment options may not be available in your country.