Most frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I become a member of the Casino Loyalty Club?

    Well, you are already a member of it. Everyone who plays Triobet Casino is automatically enrolled in the program.
  2. What is the difference between Player Points and Reward points?

    Player Points affect your reward program level – Bronze, Silver, Gold ,Platinium, Diamond and Royal Diamond Bronze. Player Points earned also determine how many Reward Points you receive. Reward Points can be exchanged for cash!
  3. How do I earn Player points?

    Every casino game you play using real money in Triobet Casino earns you Player Points. How many Player Points you earn in one month will determine your Reward Program level.
  4. What is a Reward Point and how do I earn this type of point?

    Reward points can be exchanged for cash. The more Player Points you earn and the higher your Reward level is, the more Reward Points you will receive.
  5. When are Player Points are converted to Reward Points?

    Your Monthly Reward Level is calculated on the 1st day of each month based on your previous month’s Player points. On the same day your Player Points from the previous month are converted to Reward Points and you can exchange them for cash at your convenience
  6. How long will I keep my Reward Program level for?

    Your Reward Program level is determined at the start of every month based on your Player Points from the previous month, and is valid until the last day of the same month.


    If in December you reach a Gold Level, based on Player Points collected in November, you will stay on the Gold Level until the last day of December. The Player Points you go on to collect during the month of December will then determine your Reward Program level for the start of January.
  7. How much time do I have to qualify for a higher level in the program?

    All earned Player Points in the calendar month will determine your level for the following month.
  8. What’s the difference between the Reward levels?

    The higher the level, the greater the exchange rate you receive for your Player Points. The greater the exchange rate, the more Reward Points and the more cash you receive! Please note certain offers will only be directed to higher Reward Program level customers.
  9. How long are my Reward Points valid for?

    Reward Points are valid for 6(six) months after the date they become available.
  10. How can I use the Reward Points I earned?

    Reward Points are automatically added to your Triobet account. You can then exchange your points for real cash.
  11. Where do I check my current Reward Program level?

    Log into your Triobet account and under “My Account”, you’ll find all the latest Casino Loyalty Club program information including level, points and the exchange feature.
  12. How do I exchange my Triobet Reward Points points into real money?

    Go to “My Account”, choose “ Casino Loyalty Club” and select “Exchange Points”. Enter the number of Reward Points you wish to exchange for cash and select ‘exchange’. Points will be exchanged for cash and added to your Triobet account immediately.
  13. How often are my Player Points and Reward Points balances updated?

    Your Player Points are updated almost in real-time while you play games in Triobet Casino. If you exchange Reward Points to cash, the transaction will show in your transaction history at once.
  14. Can I give my points to someone else?

    No, both Player Points and Reward Points cannot be transferred to anybody else.