Most frequently asked questions:

  1. Where can I view my Bet History?

    Bet History can be viewed in Sportsbook lobby by selecting Bet History tab on the right side menu bar.
  2. What is the minimum Bet?

    The minimum bet is of EUR 0.10
  3. What is Cashout?

    Cashout is a functionality which allows you to take a payout on your bet before the result is known.

    Traditionally, once the bet was placed it would run for the entire event. With Cashout you can take a guaranteed profit or limit your liability before the event ends.
  4. How can I use Cashout?

    • Events eligible for Cash Out are marked with a respective “Cash Out” sign.
    • To use the Cash Out functionality, go to “Open Bets”.
    • Select the ticket you wish to cash out and press the orange “Cash Out” button.
  5. Why should I use the Cashout?

    • You don’t to wait until the end of the event to get the money.
    • You have a chance to get out of a bad bet.
    • You can limit your risk of losing the bet if you feel the run of play is about to change.
  6. Which currencies can I bet in?

    Euro [EUR] is the available currency.
  7. Can I let someone else bet with my account?

    You must not reveal your Client ID number or password to any other person to protect your account. Clients must register their bet requests as individuals. Repeated requests containing the same selections from the same or different clients may be deemed void. Even after the official outcome of the related selections is already known, bet selections may also be deemed void if Triobet believes that clients are acting in collusion or as a syndicate or the bets in question have been placed by one or some clients within a short period of time.
  8. Who can place bets?

    Bets by order and from bookmakers as well as betting agents are not accepted. Bets on events in which the user is participating in the sport event (e.g. as a participating sportsman, as an owner, trainer or functionary of a participating club) are not permitted. In case this provision is not complied with, the company is authorised to refuse payment of any winnings, and to cancel the bet.
  9. Are the odds fixed?

    Odds do fluctuate and increase or decrease based on a number of factors, including news or a high volume of betting on a particular match. However when your bet has been approved, the odds stated at the time will remain valid.
  10. Is there a limit to how much I can win?

    The maximum winning per customer is €100,000 on each bet, and a maximum of €250,000 per day. The maximum winning per customer per week is €500,000.