Most frequently asked questions:

  1. How can I play poker at Triobet?

    First you need to open up a Triobet account. After you have created your account, you can choose our Instant play to play on our website, or download our poker client on your computer or else play on your smartphone from our mobile website. Once you open up the client, you will be asked to choose a Poker Alias. This Alias will be used to identify you with other players at the table when you are playing poker.
  2. Now that I am ready to play, how do I make a deposit?

    You will need to log in to your Triobet account to deposit money. If you are playing in the poker client, you can just click on Cashier which will seamlessly log you in to your account and you can then deposit from our website. Once money has been deposited, you will be able to play poker through our client.
  3. What games do you offer?

    On desktop and in downloadable client we offer 7 different games at Triobet. These are: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, 7-card stud, 5-card stud, 5-card draw and Razz.
    In mobile poker we currently offer only no limit and pot limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha cash games.

    You can also play Casino games in our poker room’s desktop version.
  4. Who can play on Triobet Poker?

    All customers who have registered an account with Triobet can play poker.
  5. What is the Triobet Poker Loyalty Program?

    We reward our players for playing with us. Every month you will be able to reach our top level tiers, and earn the extra benefits. We offer rakeback, bonuses and tournament tickets – all depending on which tier you qualify.

    Learn more about our Poker Loyalty Program
  6. Why is it not allowed to participate in some of the tournaments for players from Latvia?

    Some tournaments are not allowed for players from all countries due to local legal regulations. E.g. players from Latvia unfortunately are not allowed to play satellite tournaments where entries to Live events can be won. Restricted tournaments have a note about it in tournament description. If a player still manages to participate and win the prize, it will not be paid out.
  7. Can players from Latvia participate in SnG challenges?

    No. These type of competitions are not allowed according to Latvian gambling law, therefore players from Latvia are excluded from this promotion and if they still manage to win, the prizes will not be paid out.
  8. How do I become a part of the Loyalty Program and what benefits I am eligible for?

    Every player is automatically part of the system. By playing with us, you will generate Loyalty Points for every Euro you rake at our tables.

    Read more about Poker Loyalty Program.
  9. What is Rake?

    The Rake is an amount of money taken by the House from all players as a payment for hosting the games. However, if there is no flop, no rake will be taken from the pot.
  10. What happens if I’m disconnected while playing?

    If you get disconnected during play the software will attempt to reconnect you automatically and return you back to your seat.

    If you do not act when it is your turn while still in the pot you will be marked away thus check if possible and fold to any bet.

    In the unfortunate event in which you cannot act due to a disconnection you might get treated as “Artificial All-in”, which means that you will be marked as all-in as if you have run out of chips when you placed your last bet/called and thus only be eligible for the pot up to the point when you last invested money. Please note that “Artificial all-ins” only can occur in Fixed Limit ring games and not in any other betting types (Pot Limit, No Limit etc) or in tournaments.
  11. What should I do if I lose my connection in the middle of a tournament?

    Try to log back on again as soon as possible. You will still be seated at your table and will be check/folded until you return. The game runs on autopilot until you logon again. Artificial all-ins do not occur in tournaments.
  12. My tournament table froze but I can’t sit back into the game?

    It is not uncommon when you are timed out and your session expired. The important thing is to rejoin the tournament quickly. Quickly close the game window (table) and restart the lobby (game client). You can then rejoin the tournament while our system checks/folds your hands for you. You do not lose anything except the blinds when it’s your turn to post them.