Most frequently asked questions:

  1. I have a question! How can I contact Triobet Casino?

    You can contact our professional casino customer support agents to help you. You can choose the most convenient channel to get answers to your questions. Please contact Customer Support agents in Live chat or send an e-mail to
  2. How do I deposit money to Triobet Casino?

    Simply make a deposit into your main Triobet account. As soon as the deposit is successful, you can go to any casino game and start playing immediately.
  3. Can I trust Triobet Casino?

    All games in our Casinos are based on a random number generator. All suppliers are certified suppliers of Casino Games, and are rigorously tested to ensure they are functioning according to regulations.
  4. What happens if I lose my internet connection during the game?

    You will not lose your money or any winnings if you lose your connection to our server during the game. All game rounds are logged separately, and if an error should occur, all the information will still be available.

    If you get disconnected while playing, open the game again and it will continue from where you left off. Slots that were spinning during the cut will finish the round even if the connection is lost. You will be able to check the outcome of your last round by going to the game settings and selecting the Game history option.
  5. An error or other technical issues occurred in the casino game during game play. Where can I report this?

    First of all, every spin and transaction you make is recorded in our database. If you feel there has been some error during your game play, please contact our support team immediately and provide them with the following information:

    - Game name
    - Time played
    - Stake amount and balance before and after the issue occurred
    - Any error message you have received (please provide a screenshot if possible)
    - Is this the first time you are experiencing this issue? Are you able to play any other games?

    Remember that the above mentioned information is essential and it will allow us to solve the issue in a quick and timely manner.
  6. Why does Triobet Casino look odd on my Mac?

    For the Casino to look and work as we intended, you need to have the latest Flash plugin installed. Please check this site to ensure that you have the latest version:
  7. How old must I be to play in the Casino?

    This depends on your country of residence and the applicable laws there.

    Customers resident in Latvia must be at least 18 in order to play in Triobet Casino as specified by Latvian law.
  8. I did not find the answer to my question. What to do now?

    Feel free to contact our Customer Support agents in Live chat or send an e-mail to They will be happy to assist you with your question.